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Lemongrass Hand Soap & Disinfectant

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 Keep everything clean, the natural way, with this power Lemongrass duo! 

LEMONGRASS HAND SOAP 375ml Infused with coconut and locally sourced lemongrass oil to gently cleanse and nourish skin.  It has purported antioxidant  and antibacterial properties.  Lather up with toxin-free hydrating ingredients. Vegan. SLS/SLES Phosphates free. 

EVERYTHING CLEAN DISINFECTANT  375ml For cleaning & sanitizing hands, room and surface. Formulated using natural disinfectants we all love - -the best anti-bacterial essential oil,  Lemongrass (lots of it!), -70% plant derived ethyl alcohol  -vegetable glycerin as moisturizer (we all appreciate!). 

Reduces waste by using upcycled rhum and soju bottle.

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