Mini Beeswax Candle & Coaster Set of 2


Hand-poured pure 80g 100% beeswax candle, locally sourced from bee keepers, paired with upcycled coaster from discarded Bundaberg bottle. 

Burning beeswax candles produces negative ions. These are thought to neutralize airborne pollutants, helping to remove the negative effects of breathing in dust, odors, and mold. This creates a cleaner living environment.

These negative ions don’t just offer physical health benefits, though. Once they enter your bloodstream, they’re also believed to increase your levels of serotonin, also known as the happiness chemical, letting you face each day with a smile.

After bees ingest honey, they produce a natural waxy substance called beeswax, which they then use to build their honeycombs. This can be cleaned, filtered, and used to make beautiful and sweet-smelling beeswax candles.

100% beeswax (and 100% joy!).

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