Clean House Set


Our Clean House Set was made to ease your daily cleaning chores.

All-in-one Everything Clean (375ml)  multi-purpose disinfectant :

  • For cleaning & sanitizing hands, room and surface.
  • Formulated using natural disinfectants we all love.
  • the best anti-bacterial Lemongrass essential oil (lots of it!)

Made with 99% natural ingredients, and 100% lemongrass essential oil sourced from local community farmers. 

Toilet Cleaning Bombs (10pc sampler)  :

  • Drop. Fizz. Scrub. Flush
  • Our toilet cleaning bomb works by gently fizzing & releasing its cleaning ingredients. Once dissolved, scrub using a toilet brush. Then flush to leave your toilet bowl sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

Contain all-natural ingredients for cleaning. Baking soda is a powerful deodorizer, citric acid disinfects and removes limescale. Composed of 70% Saponified used cooking (palm) oil & 30% Saponified coconut oil. Combined, these naturally work against bacteria for deep cleaning.

Reduces waste footprint by using upcycled wine bottle.

These are upcycled bottles, given its history, scratches are part of the bottle's character. It represents the journey, from the people who collected, washed & packed them. 

Tested on people, not animals.

For every purchase, a family meal is donated to Project Pearls Hunger Relief Program.

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