Lemongrass Liquid Hand Soap 750ml


All-natural liquid soap infused with coconut and locally sourced 100% lemongrass essential oil to gently cleanse and nourish skin. It has purported antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Lather up with toxin-free hydrating ingredients. 

Good for you and the environment too! Our liquid soap comes in upcycled rhum bottle, generously cleansed and given a second life. 

Vegan. SLS/SLES Phosphates free.

Made with purified water, coconut base surfactant and lemongrass essential oil. These are upcycled bottles, given its history, scratches are part of the bottle's character. It represents the journey, from the people who collected, washed & packed them. 

This product supports local Bacolod Lemongrass community farmers. 

Tested on people, not animals.

For every purchase, a family meal is donated to Project Pearls Hunger Relief Program.

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